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Los cursos creados con LearnDash LMS son dinámicos, atractivos y están a la vanguardia en tendencias para la industria del e-learning.
  • Modo Foco de Learndash. …
  • Constructor de Cursos. …
  • Cuestionarios avanzados. …
  • Goteo de contenidos. …
  • Prerequisitos y flexibilidad. …
  • Añade foros. …
  • Boletín de Notas y Calificaciones. …
  • Puntuaje en Cursos.



**v4.6.4** (02/04/2017)  
[update] WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility  
[fix] PHP7 shortcode error

**v4.6.3** (27/02/2017)  
[update] Only add hoverIntent to follow zoom  
[fix] issue where images disappear when no variation image set  
[fix] aspect ratio styling was echoed instead of printed

**v4.6.2** (19/02/2017)  
[update] Add shortcode for images only (see docs)  
[update] Added WooCommerce 2.7 compatibility  
[fix] Make sure thumbnails have no margin bottom  
[fix] Issues with RTL have been fixed  
[fix] Image loop issue when no image is set  
[fix] Hide fullscreen and disable zoom if placeholder image  
[fix] Variable image issue if no thumbnail set for variation and parent

**v4.6.1** (23/12/2016)  
[fix] Make sure wp-util is loaded

**v4.6.0** (22/12/2016)  
[update] Remove images when queued with priority 10  
[update] Remove Dashboard (Decided against it)  
[update] Make zoom utilise retina images  
[update] Update srcset and sizes for images for better retina  
[update] Remove related videos from youtube embeds  
[update] Change to Slick slider  
[update] nicer transitions between images changing  
[update] new loader icon for better compatibility  
[update] Hover intent on zoom  
[update] Fade in zoom on hover  
[update] Zoom cursor to indicate zoom is going to happen  
[fix] Issue with index when images were replace in FireFox  
[fix] Remove whitespace on initial plugin load  
[fix] Move photoswipe toolbar if admin bar is active  
[fix] Max width for zoom in some themes being set to 100%  
[fix] only echo srcset, sizes, and caption, if they exist  
[fix] Compatibility issue with Bundled Products - main image was changing when it shouldn't  
[fix] Make sure correct images are selected after adding to cart  
[fix] Escape image attributes  
[fix] Fix issue when photoswipe is opened multiple times  
[fix] Fix check which sometimes fails to see if product is variable in JS  
[fix] Fix shrinking height issue when thumbs aligned left or right  
[fix] Fix YITH wishlist button

**v4.5.2** (12.09.2016)  
[fix] Get selected variation  
[fix] Wrong name for outside zoom setting - will need to be set back to "Outside" after updating  
[update] Add clear image cache button back to settings page  
[update] Add Iconic dashboard  
[udpate] Update transient names  
[update] Add more filters

**v4.5.1** (04.09.2016)  
[update] Added some additional hooks/filters  
[update] Transition old meta from previous WooThumbs version  
[fix] Stop image changing for bundled product  
[update] Make sure only variable products are watched  
[fix] Get selected variation when defaults are set too  
[fix] WPML - make sure image attachment is translated  
[fix] Fix WP All Import when variations are new

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